Excel Spreadsheets Reports and Dashboards

MicroangeloIT can produce spreadsheet that are easy to use and can provide the necessary information for key Stakeholders.

Spreadsheets have become an integral part in today’s business climate. They are often considered a cost-effective and flexible solution to bridge between companies needs and systems’ capabilities. In reality, spreadsheet programs are embedded in business processes and have been used for many years. Therefore, effective use of spreadsheets have become a key focus for key reporting and analysis.

Spreadsheets can manipulate large sets of data, run powerful queries, perform sophisticated calculations ’s and many more complex data manipulation tasks.

"MicroangeloIT - Specialising in Excel Spreadsheets and Reporting"

Data Analysis

Data Analysis provides useful information and conclusions. It provides insights into your decision making options.

Graphs & Charts


Visually appealing graphs and charts to display the data for all users so that is can be understood.


Formulas can be written to calculate values for analysis in excel. Excel has flexibility for custom built formulas that can be written to do calculations not currently available.

Reports & Dashboards


Clear metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that can be display in an easy to use dashboard from Excel.

Macros - VBA Programming


With Macros - VBA Programming - existing excel spreadsheets can be enhanced.


Trends and what if analysis can help assist business to make key important decisions.

Data Processing

New and Existing Excel Spreadsheets can be access and process data for processing, reporting and or analysis.



Data Entry, Manipulation and Analysis can be laborious even with the best tools. With better usability this process can make Excel Reports easy to produce and access.  



Reports can be produced automatically on a predefined scheduled basis. New and existing spreadsheets can generate analytics through automation.

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