Today's Modern Office

MicroangeloIT understands the needs of utilizing technology for Today's Modern Office. Business owners demand their staff to be efficient and grow with the business. The only way to do this cost effectively is to become high tech in order to grow.

MicroangeloIT provides many services to improve the office and offer businesses administration support for all your needs. This also includes office support and intergration. We provide cost effective solutions to your business needs to grow without extra cost. We can compliment your existing systems and make sure your are kept up to date.

"MicroangeloIT - Supporting your IT needs"

Office Automator

Automating your office to reduce costs

If you repetitively create and manipulate data including excel and word documents then this service will suit you to a tee. The ability to automate your office allows your business to grow efficiently and without boundaries. Please view the video and be prepared for some amazing documentation creation

The demonstration is the automation of your office utilizing MicroangeloIT Solutions


Office 365 Integration & Automation

We can provide office integration using the latest Microsoft Office 365 Technology set. MicroangeloIT service include:

  • Word - Letters, Templates Mail Merge and automation
  • Excel - Spreadsheets that can perform tasks including graphing and calculations.
  • Outlook (Email) - Email Mail Merge and Mail Out (Mail Chimp) for business.
  • Access (Databases) - Database customised for your specific needs.

Supporting Your IT Office

MicroangeloIT is always supporting your business grow. We understands the needs of keeping up to date with technology so that Today's Modern Office can always remain functional. All of our offerings are fully supported and be rest assured that keeping up to date is easier with MicroangeloIT.

We always support your existing systems and make sure your are kept up to date.

"MicroangeloIT - Keeping your IT Office up to date"

Technical Support

MicroangeloIT has many years in providing Technical Support. MicroangeloIT understands IT Systems and can support you in gaining the most out of your investment. Whether you are a small or large business we can support your support you technical needs.

Onsite / Remote Support

Businesses need IT Support that is reliable and efficient. Here is where MicroangeloIT can help. MicroangeloIT can provide both Onsite / Remote Support to businesses so that they can work and prosper in this competitive world.


MicroangeloIT understands your IT Systems are vital for your business and downtime is not an option. MicroangeloIT can provide a Maintenance plans which keep your systems up to date and running.
MicroangeloIT is a professional IT Support and IT Solutions company that is based in NSW, Australia servicing your IT needs. If you are unsure of what can be done to improve your business then let MicroangeloIT provide a consultation free assessment of your office needs.