MicroangeloIT ?

MicroangeloIT provides the best possible IT Support and IT Solutions for our clients. Whether it be an Excel Report, Business Reporting, Analytics, Website, Mobile Application or Desktop Application, MicroangeloIT has the expertise to accomplish this with ease. If you require an online presence MicroangeloIT can provide you with a new website and or update your existing website for current up to date information.

Here at MicroangeloIT we make sure technology is not too complicated and our solutions are user friendly. We believe in providing you with IT Support and IT Services that can be used to maximize your business potential.

Thats why we are all about "MicroangeloIT - Creating Masterpieces".

IT Support


Technology is very complex and businesses cannot afford to specialize in IT in order to support their own systems. Microangelo can remove the complexity of running a modern office by providing IT Support for your business needs. Every business is unique hence the approach is to provide no obligation consultation before embarking on a commitment to a partnership.

IT Solutions


MicroangeloIT can create IT Solutions that make your businesses money and also run more smoothly and efficiently. Our IT Solutions include Excel Reporting, Dashboards, Online Websites and Online Shopping, Windows Applications and Mobile Applications. MicroangeloIT creates software masterpieces so that your business can prosper.

IT Office

The modern office requires IT to function efficiently and effectively in order to function in todays world. MicroangeloIT understands the needs of today's modern offices and works with key stake holders to provide IT Office Support and Solutions to work and keep your business competitive.

IT Education

We never stop learning and with technology changing every day it is important to keep up to date. MicroangeloIT provides IT Education that is all about improving technology to benefit you. If you feel you have a need for learning a piece of technology or a software package then we can help you gain that knowledge.

MicroangeloIT Excel (Power BI)

Power BI Reports

Excel Reports and Dashboards available on any device.

The graphical interface makes it easy to present your Excel Reports in an easy interactive interface for users to view and interact accordingly.


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Better Buy The Dozen - Online Shopping

MicroangeloIT can provide IT Solutions that help your business increase sales. "Better Buy The Dozen" is one such example whereby MicroangeloIT provides both an online selling platform as well as maintaining the website.

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MicroangeloIT is a professional IT Support and IT Solutions company that is based in NSW, Australia servicing your IT needs. If you are unsure of what can be done to improve your business then let MicroangeloIT provide a consultation free assessment of your office needs.